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Dmitry Leontiev

Doctor of Psychology, Professor. Researcher of the "meaning" phenomenon, creator of the Happiness laboratory.
D. Leontiev - Representative of the scientific dynasty of Russian psychologists: son of A. A. Leontyev, grandson of A. N. Leontyev .
He is an author of the original concept of the psychology of meaning and the general psychological concept of personality; leading representative of the existential approach in Russia, one of the consistent developers of the existential approach to understanding a person and research in the framework of positive psychology.
In recent years, Dmitry has been developing issues of psychological assistance, prevention and facilitation of personal development on the basis of existential psychology.

Based on a biased and multifaceted analysis of various psychological theories, as well as a broader view of the development of social and humanitarian sciences, D.A. Leont'ev substantiates and develops the concept of personality as a unity of the possible and the necessary, within the framework of which a person can, using reflexive consciousness, go beyond the boundaries of the necessary into the possible.

D. Leontiev is one of the most recognizable and published in Russia and abroad modern domestic psychologists, the author of numerous scientific and popular works on the problems of personality psychology, motivation, self-regulation, psychological expertise, methodology of psychology and psychological assistance (more than 400), including books "Essay on the Psychology of Personality", "Introduction to the Psychology of Art", "The Psychology of Sense", "Thematic Apperception Test", etc.