Просветление, как Высшая стадия развития Человеческого существа - достижимо?


    Достижимо ли Просветление в принципе или достижимо для тебя?

    В принципеДля меняНет

    Готов ли ты что-то делать для достижения Просветления прямо сейчас?


    Хотите принять участие в ИИИклубе?


    Хотите зарегистрироваться на сайте?


    Хотите предложить помощь по сайту Просветление?


    Leonard Orr

    Leonard Orr (1938 - 2019) is one of the pioneers of the New Age who introduced the concept of "enlightened consciousness". The founder and researcher of the world famous respiratory psychotechnics - rebirthing.

    Leonard Orr is a man of legend. He considered breathing work to be the most powerful transformational practice that allows anyone to get rid of the obsession with the inevitability of death! "Allow yourself to make your choice - to die or not to die" - he said. Throughout his life, Orr was engaged in self-development. He was a teacher, author, businessman and modern yogi, devoted over 40 years of his life to spreading his ideas and breathing rebirthing around the world.

    Death Wish
    "Fire is the highest healer"
    "Quit the habit of dying" (1998)
    Babaji: Angel of the Lord (1995)
    Physical immortality (1988)